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"ALL ABOUT BORIS GREBENSHIKOV. For the last ten years, Boris Grebenshikov has struggied as the underground guiding force of Soviet rock and is the leader of Aquarium, the most popular rock-n-roll band in Russia. For ten years, Aquariums music was circulated on underground cassettes, copied and re-copied until they reached across the USSRs 11 time zones. Their first album for Melodia, the Soviet state-run records company, sold over 200,000 copies within hours of its release wirhin hours of its release without a single advertisement. To date, Aquarium have sold over three million units and Boris Grebenshikov is widely regarded as the poet laureate of his generation.
Rather than translate material from his native Russian, Boris wrote the majority of the songs for Radio Silence directly in English. With the help of renowned artist/produser, Dave Stewart (Eurythmics), and such friends as Ray Cooper, Annie Lenox and Chrissie Hynde, Radio Silence is a unique blend of elements that forms Boris vision of rock-n-roll. From the hard-rockin "The Postcard" and "Radio Silence", through the Russian "Young Lions", Radio Silence flows like concept record and Boris delivers contemporary rock-n-roll that transcends the borders around the world today.

Side А
1. Conversation (4:17)
2. The Postcard (4:27)
3. Conversation (3:39)
4. Radio Silence (3:40)

Side В

1. Conversation (3:14)
2. Young Lions (3:37)
3. Conversation (2:47)

Music prodused by David A. Stewart. Interchord prodused by Tom Simonsen & Jay Krugmam.

The Postcard
Radio Silence
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