The Angel Calling

It's always like this -
Somebody puts some gunpowder into my brain,
Into my brain -
And then waits for the spark.
And I say to myself -
Come on now, do you really have to be that insane?
Be that insane -
Than off I go...

Suppose I was made of steel,
I'll find myself a magnet,
And I'll call it your name,
Call it your name
And then paint it bright;
And you'll destroy me with light,
You'll burn me to cinders with your hands on my wheel -
Your hands on my wheel;
And then off I'll go.

All in all - it's another step to heaven,
And in heaven it's easy to see -
It was the angel, that's calling me;
It was the angel, and I just did what he said;
It was the angel, and I'm satisfied;
It was the angel, and I cried and I cried,
And I tried and I tried,
And I can't get you out of my head.

АЛЬБОМЫ: Radio London
ПЕРЕВОДЫ: Зовущий Ангел

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