25 to 10

Песня: 25 к 10

Перевод: Михаил Морозов

I'm an engineer, for hundred-a-month
And I won't get paid any more
I'm twenty-five but, alas, I still
Don't know what I really want.
And I really think that there is no reason
For being so proud of my fate
But even if I was given a choice
I would become myself

I'm twenty-five and for ten of those
I've been singing without concept
And I find it difficult to be afraid
Of she, who stands behind my back
And if my words aren't very clear to you
That is a little fault of mine
But there's something about her, who stands behind me
We are all equal before her eyes

It might happen tomorrow that clock hands will start
Spinning the time in reverse
And we'll witness again how is crucified
Who was just taken off the cross
And gentle lips will be searching again
For their beloved Christ
But I sang what I sang and at least in this,
My conscience is uncompromised

And I'm happy with how the things worked out
Even when they seemed to go wrong
Even with the disorder in my very head
And the terrible mess in my dome
I've been trying to grow my own garden
Not spoiling the lovely landscape
And the Easy Fisherman will pardon me
The Patrol Leader will understand

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