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25 to 10

Песня: 25 к 10

Перевод: Захар Василюк

I'm engineer with pitiful pay
And I will not get anymore
I'm twenty-five and still to this day
I don't know what I'm longing for
And I know there are no reasons at all
Pride for my fate should be felt
But if what I were I could make a call
I still would remain myself

I'm twenty-five and ten of these years
I sing not knowing just what about
And it is so hard for me to fear
Her, who over my shoulder looks out
And my words might not be simple and clear
In this my fault is truly small
But as it goes with her who stands near
Before her we are equal all

It might happen tomorrow, that arrows of clocks
Will start spinning backwards in time
And he, whom the crying crowd lowered from cross
Will once again be crucified
And tender lips will be again
Searching for their own Christ
But I sang what I sang and my conscience then
Is clear here of any vice

And I'm happy how it all turned out
Even with that, which went against plan
Even with my head where the wind blows around
And my Temple, which is quite, ran
I just tried to grow my garden and
Not spoil the stunning view
And oblivious angler will understand
And the gate guard will give his due

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