A Christmas Carol

Песня: Рождественская песня

Перевод: J Fred. Bailyn

Her Majesty's airplanes they will never take wing,
Your royal horizons are shining,
Your shores berift of seasons;
The streets are crowded outside,

But nobody told you the reason;
You are throwing them gold pieces
you weren't told they have copper within... Of those who were here
at the outset,
With you remains but a threesome,
But, Your Majesty, will you let them to sing?

Your royal eyes, no one remembers their shade,
Scientists don't know what nightingales sing in your cages;
The doors are all bolted and locked all the time
>From dusk until daybreak,
To watch as you walk, just the fishermen are not afraid;
TheyТve been deceived, they aren't allowed near the water,
But tell me, my Queen, who will make their light fade?

At the harbour, they have precious stones for sails,
And the seamen in monastic robes drink
to the health or he wife of their captain.
But at midnight they go to their cells,
before dawn they will weigh anchor,
They have to sail round the world,
to a place where the midday light pales before nighttime
Their ship has been long since condemned and examined,
But they will set sail: My Queen, what's strongest prevails.

It's nighttime, and time moves back to the past,
And the day which is breaking tomorrow,
two thousand years that have gone fast.
But the white horseman is laughing,
nothing could ever alarm him,
And the white ship with the wings of a swan

Has already hoisted its mast;
Those spring sentinels, every year get fiercer and stronger,
But, my love, the signal to leave is your glance.

Oh, Your Majesty, the ice is no longer so sheer;
But when the rivers begin to rise,
you may just as well keep your silence,
Your palms are chock full of amber, it will glow bright until twilight,
And the song of the apple tree branches,
no one sings it, there's no one to hear.
But it's not for long,
our star's color does not change in the skyway,
And, Your Majesty, quiet!, listen, snow is falling,
Yes, my love, all the same, it's a new and beautiful year.

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