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A Gorgeous New Life At A New Working Place

Песня: Новая жизнь на новом посту

Перевод: J Fred. Bailyn

The graveyard's muddy, around five thirty,
Mother Earth today is all wet.
There we see some excellent fellows,
Though drunk since morning, I bet.
But how not to drink with that kind of job,
I'm holding vodka for them in my coat.
I would love to sing a song about this
But no one would put this song out.

Ivan is heading for work,
He is heading for work, feeling fine.
It seems that he doesn't much care
If he's on time, arriving by nine.
In the autumn park, colorful leaves fall,
A simply wonderful time.
This once-engineer, now a watchman
Says - the choice was all mine.
And Ivan's cigarette reflects off his face,
And it's a gorgeous new life at a new working place.

When I look out of the window,
I see something move along the rooftop.
Possibly a puppy, possibly it is a mole.
I cannot see all that clearly,
blocked by the steep incline.
Maybe it's only an insect,
Or an elephant feeling just fine.
Above them the clear sky is shining,
Below them the roof is so steep.
And I can't think how I can help them
To come down without a leap.
And I still just sit at the sill and stare into space,
A gorgeous new life at a new working place.

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