Песня: Аделаида

Перевод: J Fred. Bailyn

We are at home alone.
Foggy, windy, and snowing.
Don't fear when your window knocks it is for me
It is only the North Wind we are all caught in his palms now.
The Northerly Wind is my friend.
He preserves what is covered,
And he will make sure that there will be no more clouds in the sky,
When it's the rise of our star Adelaida.

I still feel the movement of lips,
The touch and caressing of hands
I've heard that all is erased by time,
You hear your heart knock it's only diamond cutting on diamond.
And there is no evil, no grief,
No insult nor any pride,
There's just the Northerly Wind and he will arouse me from sleep
When it's the rise of our star, Adelaida.

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