All I Want

Песня: Все, что я хочу

Перевод: Татьяна Малькова

All I have been singing were exercises in love
Of the one who always had a home behind.
But today I am alone at this festive table.
I wish happiness to every door slammed behind me.
I never wanted to want you so.
But now I feel light
As if I had known where I was going.
And today my room-cage in which there is no you.
You know what I mean by that.
All I want, all I want,
All I want is you.
I was singing about what I knew.
Did I know anything?
But, Lord, I do not remember what I was like then.
I was saying "I love" till I was told "No",
And when I was told "No"
I didn't believe and waited to be told "Yes".
And awaking today, it was so strange for me to know
That we are lying separated like friends.
But I cannot stand the word "friends",
I cannot stand the word "love",
I cannot stand the word "forever".
I cannot stand words.
I don't need words to tell you that you are
All I want, all I want, all I want...

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