Ancient Blood

Песня: Древняя кровь

Перевод: Татьяна Малькова

She has got blood so ancient
That those who seemed became as they are,
As if they were not here.
And they were going out of their skin to leave their trace on her,
Not knowing that it could not be bought,
And they were circling round her legs like moths to the light.
And he was drinking spirit somewhere in the corner
Gazing at them like into the fire,
And he said as if in her back,
"If the stars are falling, will you hold up your palm for them? "
They expected great problems from him,
As if he were a textbook of neuroses with keys in the very end.
And he was caught and taken prisoner, and everyone was free,-
Without wiping his feet, having gathered his family and lain the table, -
To watch the film about forbidden fruits on the face as white as snow.
And I was crying: "Don' t you approach, do not dare to touch".
But he said: "There are no trumps here.
Just the stars are falling. Will you hold up your palm for them?"
And when this film is finished and shot,
And when the last bell has stopped ringing
And the sound of the farewell waltz has died away,
We'll stay, as if after the thunderstorm.
Yes, I heard the thunder, I heard the sound of thunder clap,
I saw that something was wrong,
Thanks God, the storm has passed aside,
Without catching either me or you.
But for some reason on the chair in the corner
There are several roses like blood.
And I do not know who said it :
"If the stars are falling, will you hold up your palm for them?"

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