Apple Days

Песня: Яблочные дни

Перевод: J Fred. Bailyn

They sat up all night long and talked,
I tried to play out my part.
But to tell you the truth I didn't hear
What was said.
One thing was on my mind:
How close you are to my heart.
And I can tell you in depth
What every dream of yours says,
And I invite you to come
And start here with me
Bringing on
The coming of the apple days.

IТd love to build you a house,
On our side of the zone.
But so as to pass through glass,
You have to take hold of yourself,
And that is one of those strong points,
That I just don't seem to own.
But someone is playing and each passing day
I must sing a much stronger phrase.
My feeling is that
It is only my method of love,
And I'm expecting
The coming of the apple days.

This science doesn't have books,
But in springtime who wants to write?
If you just close your eyes,
And look at the sunlight above,
Then you will encounter someone
Who helps you continue the fight.
The trees that we see growing here,
Sprouted under the ancient sun's rays,
You'll ask me why captains are standing on towers;
They are inciting
The coming of the apple days.

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