Bewitched by you

Песня: Очарованный тобой

Перевод: Неизвестный Автор

I'm enchanted by your charms, my park
a most dazzling wood,
Motionless and direct each day.
Who'd have known that we we were headed there for good,
Since once we went out of that door...I'm enchanted by your charms,

I will not say anything.
There is no glass between us --
and nothing to kill.
Who'd have known that we would have nothing to swill
Although water is flowing through our hands.

Just tell me a word,
I want to hear you voice...
Isolated all alone,
defenseless and lost.
This choice behind me, and I'm right.
Here's my house--
my most dazzling forest.
And the reflection of clear stars,
On dark waterways, dark waterways...

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