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Captain Voronin

Песня: Капитан Воронин

Перевод: J Fred. Bailyn

When the detachment entered the city,
Human kindness was felt in the air.
The people were on vacation,
Flowers drooped in the town's only square.
The scene was unnaturally peaceful
Like in films, when a trap is laid down.
On the tower the clocks had long since sounded noon
Of some day which had come and gone.

Captain Voronin nibbled a straw blade,
And thoughtfully gazed past the clock.
He knew everyone sees some reflections in glass,
That they hear an unnatural knock.
But people had faith in him like their own father,
They knew who was meant to decide.
He was well-known as one who stayed put
When there was no time to rush off and ride.

I remember who came forward first
And I'll tell you about the best three.
The sailor Igor Trubnikov,
And the Indian Sharp- pointed Tree.
The third had no name,
But had worked straight for fifteen hundred years.
And squinting like Clint Eastwood into the sun,
Captain Voronin watched as they disappeared.

The wait was nary a long one,
Like in winter when waiting for spring.
Bad news jumps out like fleas,
And good news we don't have to bring.
But where the houses did part,
The clouds seemed to swim like a ship.
Gramps Valilii said "having gone all the way,
WeТve finally lost hold of our grip".

The newcomer hopped off his horse,
Stumbled forward and fell back on his knees.
He was taken to meet with the Captain
It became clear that Voronin was pleased.
The newcomer said "I could talk for a year
About all the things I have seen.
While no one but us knew the way out,
We didn't even know the way in".

For each of us dancing the dances of mermaids
There is somebody walking the sea.
But every person begins in one place,
Nowhere else every person's a tree.
And if a tree grows, it can only grow up
And to change that fact no one is meant.
The sun and the moon do not fight in the sky,
And this I can now comprehend.

Probably only the birds in the sky,
And the fish in the sea know who's right.
But we know what's important is not in the press,
And the telegraph keeps out of sight.
And maybe the city was known as Voronezh,
And maybe as Settlement Track.
But of all the people who happened upon it,
Nobody's ever come back.

So there's nothing to cry for,
No reason to feel this pain.
Now we can only be saved by our heart
Since weТve already been failed by our brain.
But a heart demands roots and the sky to go on,
It cannot survive if estranged.
As a boy said who chanced to be there at the time,
"From now on we'll be totally changed".

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