Captain Voronin

Песня: Капитан Воронин

Перевод: Захар Василюк

When the troops entered town spirit of human kindness was in
Townsfolk was on vacation, flowers resting on main square were dim
Everything was so unnaturally peaceful as in movies when ambush awaits
The clock on the tower was signaling noon of one of the long forgotten dates

Captain Voronin was chewing a straw, he was thoughtfully gazing around
He knew, all were seeing image in looking glass, all were hearing a strange
knocking sound
But people trusted him like their own father, they all knew who's the one to
Yes, he was famous as someone who never would rush to where the outcome was
already known

I remember the first volunteers, I will now announce their names
Sailor Yegor Troubnikov and the Indian Wooden Log's Blade
The third one was without a name, fifteen hundred years though he was wise
And while squinting like Clint Eastwood, Captain followed them with his eyes

The wait was not a long one, not longer than in winter for spring
Bad news jump around like fleas while the good ones can be clearly seen
And when cloud of dust has appeared where houses end and the roadway unwinds
Old Vasily said having gone fully mad, "We are finally loosing our minds"

The rider out of the saddle jumped, staggered forward and fell back arms
He was brought over to Captain, and it was apparent that Voronin was glad
And the rider said, "I could talk of what I saw for a whole year and
probably more
The essence is that only we knew the exit and even we didn't know where was
the door"

Yes, there are those who walk over water for each one who moves to the
sea-nymphs' wild dance
And every human being is just like a tree – he's from these parts and he's
nowhere else
But when a tree is in growth, upward's destined its path, none can change
how this set-up should stand
The moon and the sun do not feud up in heavens, their ways I can now

Perhaps only birds up in skies and the fish in the sea know who's right
As we know papers don't write 'bout what is essential and the telegraph also
keeps quiet
And maybe Malpaso was that town's name or Matrionin Posad it was called
But of those who made their way up there not yet a single one ever returned

So there's no need for crying, there is no reason for bleak thoughts
From now on only our heart can save us, since our mind already has failed
our hopes
But heart is in need of the sky and the roots it can't live in a vacuous
As one boy who just happened to be there said, "We'll all seize being
ourselves from now on"

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