Captain White Sheet of Snow

Песня: Капитан Белый Снег

Перевод: Захар Василюк

Where'ya roaming these days, Captain White Sheet of Snow?
Without you things are calm, without you all's okay
You're asleep, seeing dreams, so the dreamtellers say
But what are they good for, Captain White Sheet of Snow

From the Valley of Kings on to hills laid with stones
As a dog I have crossed ruins of sacred halls
And of White Mortars eyes, and warmth of Kremlin walls
They all tell me you're here, Captain White Sheet of Snow

Captain White Sheet of Snow, Captain Heat of the Flame
I can't love without you, can't play even two chords
As a flood-ravaged church in between of the shores
I'm a step from the edge, Captain White Sheet of Snow

Maybe, rustle at night, or of emptiness scream
Or a sign from someone whom you see in each dream
You keep joking with me, now, don't joke, wait a min. . . .
Without you I am done, Captain White Sheet of Snow

A hundred years I know you, by now we don't need words
Come to me in a dream, or just blink with a star
These mad days to keep sane we cannot rest apart
That is all. I'm waiting. Over. . . .Captain White Sheet of Snow

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