Charmed By You

Песня: Очарованный тобой

Перевод: Татьяна Малькова

Charmed by you, my forest, the glimmering garden,
Immobile and erect all days long.
Who could tell that we would never come back,
Having once stepped out of the doors?
Charmed by you, I will say nothing
There's no glass between us, and nothing to break.
Who could know that we,
We would have nothing to drink,
Though the water is flowing in our hands.
Say just a word to me, I want to hear you.
And, left alone, unprotected and smashed-
It was up to me to choose, and I'm right.
Here is my house, my glimmering garden,
And the reflection of the stars in the dark water,
In the dark water, in the dark water...

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