Dances On The Edge Of The Spring

Песня: Танцы на грани весны

Перевод: Неизвестный Автор

Today I looked down from my rooftop
Tonight I will burn letters
Stones in my hands
That are guarding our world
They are not the same thing.

I could have written an epos
But why risk my camouflage,
Could have taken canvas and brushes
But it wouldn't change a thing
Could have taken a step backwards
But that's not what I need.
No that's not what I need

It's just our dance on the edge of spring.

I can see your shore, but what is this shining in bushes
I've seen something similar in one of the video films.
I know your voice better than my own,
But I want to know "Who's talking to me"
I could remain alive
But that's not my inclination.
I could confess my love
But does it change anything?
And would you really want me to do it?

It's just our dance on the edge of spring.

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