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Electric Dog

Песня: Электрический пес

Перевод: Неизвестный Автор

A long memory is worse than syphilis
Especially in the small world we know
Recollections travel in networks,
You wouldn't wish it even to your enemy.
And an angry teenager, searching for highs
Cherishes an eternal question,
Pours some wine, and off to the side
Somewhere aside, there's an electric dog

We're on watch in our smoke-filled kitchen
In feather hats and leaden halls
And if someone dies here from suffocation
The company won't notice the loss;
Cohesion of ranks is proof of our friendship
Or fear of standing up for our own
Over this castle kitchen's lock
Soars a flag looking like swim wear
And smelling like mold.

And everyone here has his favorite method
To set in motion his shining dust
Guitarists cherish their (old) photographs
And poets get thrilled by what someone else wrote
But in fact they're telephoning each other
To discuss the greatness of our friends.
And this dog sinks his teeth into the walls
In search for new and gentle hands.

And women, those who could be our sisters
Cover with poison the blades or their nails.
In everything that moves they see a rival
Although they would tell you that they just see a whore.
And seeing such a love to your neighbors
I am scared for reason and morals
But this dog he feels no paradox
He's in love with these women
And from his point of view, he's right

Because the others here won't inspire you
To live, to die, to write songs or breathe
One is amazed looking at the West
The other admiringly looks at the East
And each for ten years has been learning parts
Which were worth forgetting ten years ago.
And this dog, he laughs at us
He's not busy thinking
Why he's alive and what he ought to be.

This song has no beginning and no ending
Just an epigraph of several lines:
We have been growing up in such tension
That every appliance gets burnt out here at once
And thinking logically is impossible
But this dog is there
Alive, as much alive as we wise men
Could never dream to be.
And friends would ask me
"Who's this song about?
And I'll answer mysteriously:
"I wish I could know it myself"

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