Ficus Religiosa

Песня: Фикус религиозный

Перевод: Влад Заборов и Лариса Северьянинова

Oh, my gorgeous Ficus! You're so gracious and pious.
Why you're sunk in oblivion, at the Universe edge?
Foreign hostile invaders cut and stabbed you with daggers,
Yet they blunted their weapons
And ashamed, left the stage.

Sun and Moon are like cronies shining brightly above you
Your old roots are dipped down in the Gold of the Creek.
High above on your branches two magnificent birds
Never sleeping a wink
Guard your peace from the peak.

One is named Eudundoxia, and the other - Snondulia
Feathers pearling at daytime, glowing turquoise at night
They are both stone-hearted, both weep with steel tears
Since childhood have I known
Their wisdom and might.

Once I read in some stray book: If there come times of evil
When the Saw and the Ice-Axe weave the mortal sins' lace,
Birds will leave their branches, burst through tissue of clouds,
And will give us a shelter
Under tight wings' embrace.

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