Fly, My Angel, Fly

Песня: Лети, мой ангел, лети

Перевод: Татьяна Малькова

The wings broke when the air was still empty.
Who could tell him that there's only burden behind the shoulders?
Who could tell him anything ?
Everyone knew that he was ahead.
I whispered to him :"Fly, my angel, fly."
The boy looking like a magician,
Blind like an arrow,
Who ruined the virginity of the sky
With a wave of the wing.
When all the bridges turned into dust,
And ashes covered the paths,
I whispered to him ; "Fly, my angel, fly."
I know, in all that has happened to me
God is on my side,
And all the reproaches that I am deaf
Have nothing to do with me
As I hear a million voices around,
But one's like a bird in the cup of a hand.
And I clench my fist-fly, my angel, fly.

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