For Those in Love

Песня: Для тех, кто влюблен

Перевод: Татьяна Малькова

Don't stand so close to me-the air is too clear here.
And the year is remembered by all due to the number of the mortal outcomes.
My friends are giving me advice,
But you know, it's strange, I cannot hear a word.
And again I am standing on this threshold, not knowing how to move further.
And maybe I will be just sitting here like this,
And make one more step into this abyss,
And the moment the train starts our eyes will first meet,
And maybe I will just be sitting here watching silently the leaves falling,
And be slowly thinking about what those do who do like those in love.
You remember, we had a method,
And you've got to remember how it used to end,
So everything is under control, you need not worry.
Though love is a strange thing, and no one knows what it will say.
But we are grown up people, we seldom take chances for free.
And what can we do, in fact? If only tell fairy tales,
Or believe in electricity, forgetting that there used to be things we could do ourselves,
Or maybe late at night, when no one can hear us,
Following with our eyes the star going away,
Pray for those who do like those who are in love.
So, what happened to the bad children, those who did not obey the grown-ups?
They went away somewhere and it's hardly possible that they will come back.
And we'll cross out their phones, and we shall make the walls stronger,
And will be silent, and the silence will play strange games with us.
And maybe the day will be clear, and maybe the night will be strange,
In the sense that something has happened
Though everything remained as before.
And alone, if it's needed, as this star does not go down anyway,
I'll forget all I must do, and do like those do who are in love.

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