From Kalinin To Tver

Песня: Из Калинина в Тверь

Перевод: Мириам Кудлова

I have come here using the entrance
I have entered by using my legs
I have come to express my amazement
At perfection of railroad trains
It is strange to imagine that prior
People walked on their own, but there
Locomotive-Messiah is carrying us through
On the way from Kalinin to Tver

The conductor is plain like Dzhakonda
Her drinks sweeter than honey and pie
And the goodness of sleepers depends upon her
That not one would be injured or die
Between us,  I have known her prior
Next to her rested beast, quiet and tamed
And right now she's spreading more tender than down
On the way from Kalinin to Tver

Machinist puts on good old Vivaldi
And the music runs freely through space
In the golden blue tender, instead of the coal -
Souls of Turgenev` s maids
In a frame of the mass iron pounds
Godly chosen, just check it, I swear
This train blissfully flyes like some saintly rank
On the way from Kalinin to Tver

Don't you look that my speech is impaired
And I'm not authentically dressed
I just wanted to give you some pleasure
And to keep all my vows to the best
And if everything's fine - God be with you
But I alone know to open the gate
If you will ponder yourself why the heck should we fly
On the way from Kalinin to Tver.

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