God Save The Polar Explorers

Песня: Боже, храни полярников

Перевод: Михаил Морозов

God save the polar explorers
In their endless daylight
With their portraits of party leaders
That warm their home in the night
With their suits painted orange
And their scheduled life
With their tickets to heaven
On the ship that goes under the ice

God save the polar explorers
Those who are still alive
When the bored security
Looks at them through the gun-sight
Nobody knows their reasons
And nobody recalls a face
But women are making steel in their names
And children kneel down in haste

What they see when they are dreaming,
When you bless them with dreams, my lord
With their feeling of hunger
And fear of civil war
With their technical spirit
And the questions they ask from you, lord
That you answer without knowing
Or even saying a word

So forgive them as the needy
Whose granaries are full
Forgive them as the lovers
Who fear the light of the moon
And when you have forgiven them
And rewarded them for their love
Then double the issue of alcohol
And leave them just as they were

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