Gold Set in Blue

Песня: Золото на голубом

Перевод: J Fred. Bailyn

Those who are painting us, they paint us as red set in dull grey,
Colors are colors but I know something else which is true:
If I only knew you, I would paint you in a place that I know
Where the trees are all green and everything's gold set in blue.

The place where we live has no lack of light,
But yet every sunset my heart cries out to break through.
If only I were a carpenter IТd gladly build a ship for you,
So we could sail away together to green trees and gold set in blue.

If only I could give love and not ask for love in return,
If only I were not afraid and sang what I knew,
If only I could see clearly, I would see us as we are
As the greenest or trees where everything's gold set in blue.

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