дом роллов долгопрудный. .

Hard Rock

Песня: Тяжелый рок

Перевод: Захар Василюк

Something's wrong with the world, or perhaps it's only all in my brain
Some dust settled over the grass plains, and solar surface is stained
Sealed off by a glass wall, no warm rays from happiness spread
And sometimes it seems to me a heavy fate hangs over my head

I went to a gypsy to get on my fate a clue
How harmful is it to keep thinking so much and mostly of you?
She just threw the cards on the carpet and covered her eyes with her hand
She told me, "My precious, listen to me, a heavy fate hangs over your head"

All has lost its meaning, love led me to where shadows reign
But the higher you get from the ground the bigger nonsense you say
I just wanted summer to last forever, but winter came – summer left
Could it be the fate, or is it the laws of nature hang over my head

Some say that tonight at six o'clock world is ending
And there are those who are depressed to the max
Others bear with love because it is known for relenting
But if you disturb their boredom each one of them will put a knife to your neck

Last night by my place stopped an angel, frost of wings is his usual sign
I'm not anymore whom he was pursuing, he himself has his best days behind
I told him, "Come on in, sit down, we're no enemies, peace and quiet here
all can be had
And let's toast to that poor S.O.B., that hangs over my head"

One platform to the next one I keep on running, once risen – I'm flying still
But only thing I've wanted to happen is that just a little better you feel
Thanks to the wind for blowing into my sails, to my wings for being spread
One of them is you and the other is that fellow who hangs over my head

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