Heaven Is Getting Closer

Песня: Небо становится ближе

Перевод: Татьяна Малькова

Each of us knew that we have time to be late, and to be late again,
But to come out to the victory on time.
And each of us knew that it's time to take the place,
But in the codex of honor it was considered essential
Not to attend the lesson.
And only when someone came out ahead,
And in thousand years no one recalled him,
I realized, heaven is getting closer every day.
We said good-bye on the corner of all streets,
Having sacredly forgotten that someone is following us with the eyes.
All the ways started at our doors, but we only went out to buy some cigarettes,
And this long night was in store,
And I was sure we'd never fall asleep.
But you know, heaven is getting closer with every day.
My sister, where were you looking when the dawn stood up like a wall between us?
Did you know when you took me by the hand that this would happen to me?
And you can be going forward and back, rise, fall down and rise again as a star.
But only the ash of your cigarettes is the ash of empires,
And this can happen to you.
But the voices of the gods who believe in you still sound,
Though you're hard to raise.
But you know, heaven is getting closer,
You hear, heaven is getting closer,
Have a look, heaven is getting closer with every day.

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