It's Snowed All Day

Песня: С утра шел снег

Перевод: J Fred. Bailyn

Turn off the light,
Just leave a note that we're not home,
On tippytoes passing wide open doors
To where there is light, to where it is quiet. You can be arrogant as
You can pretend than all's not as in should be,
You can say you're simply playing a role in a film
About people under serious pressure.

It's snowed all day,
It's snowed all day.
You can be somebody else,
If only you want to, if only you want to.

Remember, I always knew,
My footsteps simply lay there like chain links,
I lived confident that I was not wrong,
But it's started snowing
and again I don't know who I am.
Someone's broken and refuses repairs,
And someone's busy with his inner affairs,
You can be near me no closer than skin,
There's something better, and it is so simple.

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