Песня: Хозяин

Перевод: Татьяна Малькова

Master, forgive me for bothering you, this visit is somewhat strange.
I saw the light in the windows of your floor,
The door is opened, the porter's already asleep.
The new lodgers are having a party,
Gotten drunk they are shouting that you are a myth.
But I remember the day when I moved in here,
And I really am glad that you are alive.
Master, I just was going from my friends',
I was thinking about something of my own.
They live in these new houses, and are childishly pleased with the dwelling.
But I remember my smoky corner, the lantern in the window,
The dome with a cross.
And I feel like in the light of a snowy night,
And I laugh at their sorcery.
Yes, it's an irregular life that I lead,
And the bursar dislikes me.
Your servants are probably nice people,
But don't give me roses, either.
I am going past them like a guest of honor,
Though I just rent a corner.
But Master, forgive my boldness,
I am not supernumerary in the house of yours.
Master, I pay not like all,
But I pay by what I have.
Master, my faith is faint, but I know the glad tidings.
Master, I am a worthless foundation,
And a bad oar may I be,
But Master, when you feel thirsty,
You will remember my craft.

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