Maxim The Forester

Песня: Максим-лесник

Перевод: Михаил Морозов

I longed for a glass of wine
I am being fed with milk
Surely I'll grow like an ox
Like a wolf I will howl
Acquaint me quickly with
Maxim, the Forester
Maybe he will show the way
To the open fields.

Either a grenade is armed
Or the link of times is torn
Sirs are making friends among
The dirt of this world.
On the holy mount Monmartre
There's a magical Semeon
He will trade all our aces
For the sixths and crap

There was God in skies above
And the devil right below
Now we're equal and unknown
We are all anonymous
Through the hole in the sky
White Mercedez drove in
Spread some money all around
And went on his business

Cups with poison and with wine
Are balancing aweigh
Oh, Femida where's your sword?
Where have you been?
Inspiration of my heart
Strolls in woods, completely nude
Sometimes looking right at me
And sometimes behind me.

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