Music of the Silver Spokes

Песня: Музыка серебрянных спиц

Перевод: Михаил Морозов

Trust me in what matters
Distrust in everything else
And isn't it nice that
Somebody is bringing the ale
This first month is all that's left
But it's piece of cake
When I was much younger
I didn't know it worked this way

They stand alone like stones in the woods
But who will signal them?
Music of the silver spokes, a-a-ha

We waited for so long
What could be sillier than the wait?
Look at me and tell me,
If I can prevaricate.
And I will swear to you
On the star in the skies
I've found the water
And I can show you the path

And those who laugh in the branches and boughs
Will have something to look at
To the music of the silver spokes, a-a-ha

I read in some book of people who sleep in the night
You may laugh at me. I read it with my own eyes.

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