Music of the Silver Spokes

Песня: Музыка серебрянных спиц

Перевод: Захар Василюк

Trust me in the main thing
The rest – disregard, it's a lie
Isn't it amazing
That someone went out to get wine
Remaining is just the first month but
It's no threat anymore
When I was younger I didn't know
That things could be so

They are standing as stones in the woods
But who'll give them a sign

The music of silver spokes

We've waited for so long
What could be more foolish than that
Could I tell a lie?
You'll tell me after our eyes met
And so I promise and I swear
On a star that just fell
To get to the water
I know which we should take trail

And those laughing through the branches – they
Will have a sight to behold

To sound of music of silver spokes

I have read somewhere
Of people who sleep during nights
You'll laugh but I swear
I have read this with my own eyes

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