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Песня: Навигатор

Перевод: Неизвестный Автор

With a crossbow on the tube;
With a samurai sword clenched between teeth;
With a virtual sword - but, for most of the time, just without,
Unbeknown to you, I'm hovering right in-between you,
Like a lightening bolt, without any shadow of doubt.

In the murals of saints, I'm seen as a hint of a movement;
When you watch CNN, I'm the point that you can't get across -
But to those in the night, I'm the lighthouse,
the hope & the anchor,
and the last chance to those, who think they are totally lost;

Navigator - sing me another canzona,
I will surely be back - just wait by the heavenly gate,
One more thing to be done - and I'll be embraced
by my darling,
And to those with a sword - I'll tell them:

But till then - a la guerre comme a la guerre - all's in order,
On the border of dreams we're keeping millenium peace;
In a monastery's quiet we're known as the Angelic Warriors,
On the infrared screen we're the Heavenly Special Police.

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