On The Road To Damascus

Песня: По дороге в Дамаск

Перевод: Захар Василюк

Apostle Jude as custodian served winters in Summer Park
He met a girl who wore a long coat, she told him, "Let us now disembark"
For fourteen days they were crossing the sea, to their left dawn lit the sky
Now they're waiting en route to Damascus as you attempt to regain your mind

High above Moscow River the Star of Dog gleams, but looking upward now doesn't make sense
Islam's renegades wait down in ports of Morocco when you will repay your debts
There is no cocaine in whole regions of Russia, but the stock will be full given time
You will not recognize places where you grew up when you will regain your mind

Resurrection of relic of Beatle, The Saint, sacred objects are offered for sale
Beating against the wall you're shouting, "She Loves You", but Latin here is to no avail
And the songs to the music that white people wrote sound just like flock of crows, you find
You will be in need of interpreter-guide when you will regain your mind

While girls are still dancing, all in rows of fourteen
And you have no idea that you're able to see them only when these girls want to be seen
And their spring is wiser than September of yours, perhaps you should ask them why
Do ask, or you will meet St. Peter before you start to regain your mind

Calm en route to Damascus like you've never seen, time's broken down its flow
As a dream now seem to you all that you have ever wanted and have ever known
Only one lonely horn's far away sound – the one that kept you in a bind
This is all that I wanted to tell you, I'll see you . . . when you will regain your mind

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