Rusty Tank

Песня: Ржавый жбан

Перевод: Михаил Морозов

Forget of all your sins she said in quiet whisper
There's nothing to possess on this side of the day
Or else - three sisters and the Boborikha granny…
So lose the jack of dream and hit me with your head

Who sang of simple love was buried on the lawn
The goat's getting milked, no thoughts about the girls
The servants made their ways onto Columbus ships
Unable to withstand the passions of their sirs

But there will be a day, when they will see the same dream
Neither a verb, nor word will fly out from the mouth
Some will drop dead at once, some will fly as the birds
And rusty tank of fate will be forever blank

Beyond the edge of spheres, throughout the whole world
My garden lies alone, the doors are twined with lace
So look for me and know that three is always four
When you will be complete than we will meet again

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