Silver My Lord Giveth Me

Песня: Серебро господа моего

Перевод: Влад Заборов и Лариса Северьянинова

I'm shot with a translucid arrow
Will never get cured
I'm shot right in heart
What else may I ever want?
It feels like a tender night
It feels as if there's some path
Beaten and straightforward path
Of our Love-

In silence we stand, expecting some miracle work
We're singing of ourselves -
What else shall we sing songs about?
But tables are likely to turn,
And colours will stop being blur,
The moment we did find, what had been hidden away

Silver of Holy Lord God
Silver of the Lord
Oh, am I aware of words
With which I would render my thoughts?
Silver of Holy Lord God
Silver of the Lord
Above stars, above words
Level with our grief-

And like any rural blacksmith
I will rise with the Sun,
The place where I am up to
No one seems to have reached before
So, maybe I was just blind
And probably something was wrong,
Yet sure am I, of what waits for me down this path-

Silver of Holy Lord God,
Silver of the Lord-

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