Песня: Сестра

Перевод: J Fred. Bailyn

Mm Sister, dyk, yoli-pali!
How are you sister?
We don't have so much time
Left to be together.
I love you sister.

When we look into the sky,
From where we expect the stars to join us,
When we look up at the mountains,
From where we expect help to find us,
Well neither the modern sun,
Nor magical moonshine,
Will ever break us down,
Will ever break us down.

Do your best to forgive me,
That I didn't sing more clearly.
Do your best to forgive me,
That I wasn't always honest.
Do your best to forgive me,
I didn't want to hurt you
I didn't know how to love,
I just cried out for love to take me.

When we get together,
We look at the heavens,
We look right into them,
We look into them for so long.
Maybe it's only a picture,
A picture or an illusion.
But perhaps what we see is true,
True for the first time.

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