Песня: Звездочка

Перевод: Захар Василюк

There's a star that's fallen from the sky split into equal parts
It"s so cold to be just a half but she must do what is right
Had been a hawk at the start, turned into raven as time passed
Sat upon the bright porch, there is no one inside

First one flew away with the wind, second one swam away 'cross the sea
And the third one drinks vodka and only sings of one thing
Swallow-bird flies so joyfully, golden wire under thee
Eight thousand volts under each wing

You gave to one because of his pure eyes, took a pity on the second one
But you still waited for the third one years and years
It's so easy just take your pick if your household needs a man
But I know you, you want something that is not here

So do not cry you, my darling, don't cry you, my beautiful
Nothing's here we should wait for, the order has passed
Because we are silver's gold—what could ever ruin it?
And all of you who are staying here—do pray for us

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