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Песня: Сталь

Перевод: Татьяна Малькова

I don't know what for you entered this house,
But let us spend this evening together.
If the day is over, we'll have the rum left-
I bought it in the yesterday's shop.
We'll turn off all the light and we'll start to watch
The neighbors opposite trying to sing,
Dooming the deathless souls to death
In order to survive in this crash.
Here the yards are like wells, but there's nothing to drink.
If you want to live here, restrain your ardor.
Learn now to run now to brake slightly,
Exposing the neighbor to the reins.
And when Alexander Sergeich with the mouth torn
Entered this house by mistake,
He was crucified taken for Christ,
The mistake coming up a day later.
Here the art is developed to look out of the window
And to write down the names of those awake,
If you are not guilty whose fault is that?
The most important thing is to be the first with repentance.
But if someone is not "still" but "already",
And the soul is like that lady astride in negligee,
Vergilius lives on the second floor-
He will share the dole with him.
Here they love in half-a-voice, here they cry silently.
In every poison there is essence, in each cup there is poison.
Because of such a drink the poets do not sleep,
Dying from not getting enough sleep.
And in the frame of their eyes are only ice and mist,
But at times I do not believe that this is a fake,
I've been drunk with this drink from my very birth,
This is the local whim of the Universe.
Paint on my wall what does not exist,
Your body's like night, but the eyes are like dawn.
You are no way out, but you seem to be the best answer.
You are leaving, and I am smiling.
And tomorrow the hanged slave will tell me: "You are wrong, Master".
And I'll remember your look.
And I will tell him: "You are confused, my brother.
In this life I am never mistaken."

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