Песня: Сталь

Перевод: Михаил Морозов

I don't know why you've come to this house tonight
But let's spend this evening together inside
When the day will be over we'll still have the rum
I just bought it down on the corner
We will turn off the lights and we'll watch through the window
How the neighbors across are trying to sing
Dooming their immortal souls to death
Just to stay alive in this mess.

The backyards are like wells, but there's nothing to drink.
If you want to live here, slow down your rhythm,
You must learn when to run, and learn when to stay
Placing your neighbor under the reins.
And when by some mistake in this house had come,
Alexander Sergeyich (Pushkin) with his mouth torn,
He was crucified here, mistaken for Christ.
After days was mistake realized.

Art of peeping through blinds is refined in this place
And recording the names of those who're awake
If you're innocent, then who is to blame?
Being first with repentance's what matters.
And if somebody's already behind the line
And while saving his soul running out of time
Then Virguile from the floor downstairs
Has got alms that he's willing to share

They love here in whisper, they quietly cry
Every poison makes sense when it's poured in cups
And the poets can't even sleep after this drug
Suffocating from sleeping too little
And there's just ice and fog in the frame of their eyes
But sometimes I don't trust that this is all a lie
I am drunk since my birth with this poisonous drink
It's a caprice of creation here

Paint my wall with the figures that I've never known
Like the night is your body, but eyes are like dawn
You are not the solution but the best outcome
You're leaving and I shed a smile
And tomorrow a hanged slave will tell me his truth:
"You are wrong, master" and I'll remember your look
And I will answer to him: "My friend, you are confused"
"I am always right in this life"

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