Steel of the Swans

Песня: Лебединая сталь

Перевод: J Fred. Bailyn

Fill your hand up with ash, fill your hand up with ice.
This might be an event, or perhaps it's a flat,
But here is your pain let it take wing like a bat.
In the clouds the swan steel waits for you to arise.

I was always alone it's the law of the flight.
But nobody is ever alone, even if one knew how.
Like the ice here in March our eye shade is not safe now.
But we'll turn into a dream, as our dreams turn to light.

Fill you hand up with clover, fill your hand up with dawn.
Like a hunter on track, let it go in the shade.
We lived through the night, let us see what becomes of the day.
The steel of the swans in the clouds, move on!

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