Песня: Ласточка

Перевод: Захар Василюк

Jump, swallow-bird, jump
Upon the white wall
Jump, swallow-bird, jump
Straight to my door

Sun's in the sky
So it is now time
Jump, swallow-bird, jump
While things roll towards war

Jump, swallow-bird, jump
Jump outside
Jump, swallow-bird, jump
With an axe by your side

On one side there's light
And there's no other side
It appears that a thief
In our house hides

Life will drown like a stone –
Circles in sky
Jump, bird; everywhere
Enemies hide

For fight with the ill
As a goat, hawk, appear!
And you swallow-bird sing
But don't follow behind

Sing, swallow-bird sing
While we're beating the drum
Bright hawks are everywhere
As you look up and down

Hawk's in the sky
And a woman gives life
Thus nothing has changed
Same old thing all around

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