Swamps of the Neva

Песня: Болота Невы

Перевод: Захар Василюк

All my veins are like cables, out of ice memories
And my blood is like honey, heart-antifreeze
But my fate is to live here in the land of gray grass
In a stupefied dark on Neva's dreary swamps

Where the buildings are shallow and like barren are words
And light of that faded star in this prospect now burns
To become the Sun wanting I now shadow become
And dead man's vagabond soul onto my shoulders jumped

And since then I can see now how we all are in chains
And from the branches of pines in the silence they gaze-
Of dead soldiers souls watch how we waltz to candlelight
While our fingers hold ash dead men on our shoulders ride

Come the day of repentance I'll have taken my turn
Now I know how to leave-I will leave and return
Back with this word as with key to the blue I will pass
To let them all go home-all those who sleep on Neva's dreary swamps

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