The Amazing Master Lukyanov

Песня: Удивительный мастер Лукьянов

Перевод: J Fred. Bailyn

Like the humans' best friend
I watch you with no hesitation
Like a martial arts expert
I sense something steadfast & true
And in Gardens Of Fate
The Amazing Master Lukyanov
Is busy building a room for me
with the window that opens on you.

If a sailor I was -
I think I would set out and sail you
Till the wind is no more
and most of the stories are told -
But the mankind's in tears
and there is noone to console them
If not for you
and the consoling branch that you hold.

In twilight we lived - desperate and lonely
Tainted by doubt in all the things we tried;
Oh, sweet love of mine - you are the one and the only,
Dark days - we lived them down;
From now we stay in light.

Now the stop-watch of th' cranes
beeps out the signal for leaving
From a wing to a wing
we'll measure the heavenly blue
But somebody I know
he dissolves, serene and smiling
Into the light from the window
that opens on you.

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