The Eagle, Calf and the Lion

Песня: Орел, телец и лев

Перевод: J Fred. Bailyn

How strange it is what I have dared to start,
To create of thirst a semblance of love,
To color it with time so that one
Can believe in it oneself

From whence has come this quivering refrain,
These splendid woven so-familiar notes?
Knock at my door, "who?Т I ask,
"Shadows", they answer me.
"The eagle, calf and lion".

Say I to them: "from whence are you to me,
What fate is this?" I ask as if IТd gone
Like I have sworn: to put the kettle on,
And hold the door closed having turned the key.

They laugh and say,
"This effort lacks effect, waste not your strength"
And through the door they pass,
Sit down around me and hold me with their gaze,
And it appears there's something they expect.

"Please listen now, my honorable friends,
It cannot be that I meet all your ends.
It seems to me this is an errant trial".
But the viola on my wall is all aquiver,
They smile and then I recognize this smile.

And thus I live, not missing e're a day,
Each day exists again once it's gone by first,
And still I drink, yet suffer from great thirst,
And here the guests are looking right at me.

Eagle, Lion and Lurid Taurus

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