The Eagle, the Calf and the Lion

Песня: Орел, телец и лев

Перевод: Влад Заборов и Лариса Северьянинова

It's weird, what I'm trying to commence -
To turn the Thirst into some sort of True Love,
Then paint it with Time and thus avoid obscure bluff,
In order for myself to trust its sense...

Where did I run across this Rare Chorus?
This splendid Wreath of so familiar sounds?
Hold on! Knock at my door; I wonder who might hang around
Odd answer, "Eagle, Lion and Lurid Taurus..."

Bewildered, I just say, "How come, you're here?"
I turn the key, but never let my guests in
I promise them hot tea, sweet cookies and perhaps some gin,
Still keep them outside, though feel they're near

With chuckle, "Look, forget it and relax!
Waste no effort" - they're simply passing through.
I'm literally dumb, I'm losing every slightest clue,
They stare at me as if expecting real acts.

Look, dear guests! You're probably misled
I'm no man with whom you planned to chat
The awkwardness is lasting for a while...
The violin on wall bursts out buzzing
And their gleaming eyes are getting slightly fuzzy,
My God! Their faces stream unique and clear smile...

And thus we live, with no missing day
But each of them is like a twice-told tale
I'm thirsty, so I've gulped a whole water pail
Yet Guests are here and keep watching me in dismay...

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