The Fastest Airplane In The World

Песня: Самый быстрый самолет

Перевод: J Fred. Bailyn

Barely sat to have a drink - half the life's already over;
Not a trace of it is left, just dissolved into the blue.
Fastest airplane in the world would not dream of getting near you,
Tell me - what am I to do, for I love to be with you.

Stupid - standing here like this, yet the time's not right for kissing;
Should I soar up like a dove - but the sky is ripewith storm...
Only one thing left to do - sit and drink here, thinking of you;
For, you know, if not for you, I would not be here at all.

Everything I longed for, every wish had been fulfilled, love;
I would go to places deep, but the path's not mine to find.
Oh, I know precisely why I couldn't go tonight to sleep, love -
It means you're somewhere really close...
but I can't see, my eyes are blind.

So, enough of this chit-chat, fate is not for us to hunt it,
And enough of sending ships, roaming oceans wide and blue;
Fastest airplane in the world could not dream of getting near you,
But wherever is it you'll land - I'll be waiting there for you.

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