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The People That Came from the Juniper

Песня: Люди пришедшие из можжевельника

Перевод: Михаил Морозов

You are
An awesome stallion
I would be glad to ride on your back all day
How I would be pleased
How I would be pleased
But people who came from the juniper bushes
Commanded me to be like them, to be like them

You're here, you're virtually here
You're a-bop-pabe-luba-pamb
And I'm glad that you're here
All's melting like ice
All's melting like ice
But in the heart of all my hearts
You're woven with animal pin on the silky skies

You are
The first and the last church
And I pray there for years
And I pray there for hours
Yes I could be blind
Yes I could be blind
But gods that came from the lower skies
Commanded me to never close my eyes

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