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The saddiest frontiers of mind

Песня: Мир, как мы его знали

Перевод: Неизвестный Автор

Life, as we knew it, is reaching its end.
Life, as we knew it, who cares?
For the last eight or nine hundred years we have reached
The saddest frontiers of mind.
It's time to focus on something that's here in the air.

Make me some coffee, and I will be faithful to you.
Look into my eyes and the tide will sweep us along.
Give a ring to my number and I'll answer the call
if you like it or whether you donТt.
Just tell me a word, and I'll fit it into this song.

Of every ten there are twelve who don't know it is you.
Of every ten there are twelve who think that you are the moon.
Of every ten there are twelve scared of you,
understanding that you are their death.
But I will be glad if next to me I will have you.

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