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The Sands of Petersburg

Песня: Пески Петербурга

Перевод: Мириам Кудлова

You're creature way better than other ones
I am merely a rain on your way
Golden dragons live in your forests
From which I can't get away
And whoever is marked by the sign of your eyes
Won't be able to close his ends
But the sands of the Petersburg blow us away
And the prints of our ancient hands

And you could be a bow, but who's the shot
If each one is not better than all
How to pull the trigger - forgotten art
How to lay your face in the snow
And sometimes your shine can`t be beared by eyes
But sometimes you're like ashes and dust
But the sands of the Petersburg blow us away
All at once, under this side of glass

And I answered "me!" on your question "who"
Not regarding this as honor yet
And you asked me "where", I said "with you
If there will be anything left"
And you asked me "why" and I closed my words
Deeply praying for someone's home
Than you told me "I am lying"
I said "let it go
Even sweeter for us to be joined"

And when curtain of day got finally torn
Our horses went dancing at once
Among fire and water, and among earth
They completely abandoned us
Cause your shining is just as good as my words
Not more stable than water wells
But they asked me - are you alive at all
And I said - if with her than yes!

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