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The Shadow

Песня: Тень

Перевод: Михаил Морозов

Have we met somewhere? Please give me a clue…
Did we live together or I just remember your look?
Past life memories or I really saw you before?
Or maybe it was you in the black-tinted car that was waiting for me at the door.

Remind me the place or the time. My memory serves me no more
You came here on business, or maybe to just say "hello"?
Tell me what brings us together. Or give me a "yes-no" reply
But before that explain why is it so hard to get out of shade in the light

Consider me absent minded, or call me a scum or disgrace
But why do you wear these clothes and what did you do to your face
If you are my angel, then why are we drinking alone?
And finally tell me, how do I know you, if you are still here at all

I remember the days when every one was pretentious
And I imagined that our chains tore apart on their own
I came here to drink some wine and relieve the tension
I forget that in order for light to get here, the current must flow through our bones.

Why is it so cold here? Or is it normal for places like this?
What for are you kissing me. And why the soldiers behind the trees?
If somebody pays you for this. - just tell me, I might understand
But if you came here to give me my freedom, don't bother, it's too late my friend

The darkness surrounds me. It does whatever I please.
I was guilty for so long. I don't even know why I breathe.
And every time is the last time. And every time this ball is dead
But looking at you I start to recall - I've never known things I forget

My heart is not here. Take off the sales from the fleet
We drifted through the decorations, and here is glue and veneer
Somewhere the key has turned in the lock and doors are opening fast
And now I remember how do I know you, and we are even at last

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