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The Sky is Getting Closer

Песня: Небо становится ближе

Перевод: Неизвестный Автор

Each of us knew we had time to be late
And to be late again,
But still make it to victory on time.
And each of us knew it was time to take our place,
But in our honor code it was considered essential
Not to come to class.

And only when someone went ahead,
And in a hundred years
Nobody has remembered him,
I knew that the sky is getting closer every day. We said good-bye then
on the corner completely forgetting that somebody is watching us leave.

All the paths began from our doors
But we only went out to bum cigarettes
And the long night was in front of us
And I was sure that we were never going to fall asleep.
But do you know
That the sky is getting closer every day?

My sister, where did you look
When sunrise became a wall between us?
Did you know when you took my hand,
that it's going to happen to me?

And you can go forward and backwards
and go out and fall down
and go out of your mind again
But only the ash of your cigarette the ash of another.
And it can also happen to you
You hear voices of gods who believe in you
Although you are going up hill
But do you know, that the sky
is getting closer every day?
Do you hear, that the sky
is getting closer every day?
Look. The sky is getting closer every day.

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